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在线商务(或电子商务)比以往任何时候都更加相关. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the push towards online commerce and the rising trend can be observed even in emerging economies.

As per reports[1], one in three customers wait for less than seconds before abandoning the checkout. Many e-commerce companies (including the behemoths) struggle at keeping up pace when there is a huge inflow of orders (especially during the holiday seasons).

This is where software performance testing plays a key role in ensuring that performance of the website does not deteriorate even when there is unusually high traffic on the website. Page load time and response time are the most vital factors when it comes to e-commerce businesses. 令人沮丧的终端用户体验不仅会导致销量下降, 但也会损害电子商务公司的品牌声誉.

To put it in simple words, response time is inversely proportional to the website’s success factor. 因为客户转化率取决于网站的表现, it is important for e-commerce businesses to take performance testing on a high priority.

In this blog, we look from the lens of an e-commerce business owner for solving issues related to website performance.

Testing Service


性能测试属于非功能测试范畴. It is majorly done to test the speed, scalability, reliability, and performance of the website.

一些主要的性能测试类型是负载测试,峰值测试 & 浸泡测试、可伸缩性测试和弹性测试. Performance testing should be considered from the beginning of the product development; else it might be too late to tackle the performance issues once the business has witnessed a sizeable growth.

无论您使用的是传统的SDLC模型还是敏捷模型, 性能测试应该是测试策略的一个组成部分. 如果你没有在性能测试方面有经验的内部资源, 你应该有一个战略合作伙伴.e. performance testing company) like KiwiQA that can provide performance testing services at scale.

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Now that we have touched upon the integral aspects related to performance testing in e-commerce, let’s look at the why  and how  电子商务应用程序的性能测试.


Most major e-tailers have a huge customer base that is spread across different geographical locations. 高峰负荷测试应定期进行, 因为高峰负荷将在假期期间显著增加, sale season, etc.

This helps in delivering an exceptional customer experience which eventually helps in improving the business. Here, major focus should be laid on testing the app (or website) on different browsers and devices.

The marketing team also needs to get involved with the technical team to deep dive into the planning and execution of geography-specific campaigns. Performance tests should be extensively conducted during the festive season since that is the time, 电子商务公司可以期待最大的流量.

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正规网赌软件排行榜生活在一个以移动为中心的世界. Many potential customers would interact with your website (or app) on the mobile phones. Performance testing on mobiles ensures that the site (or app) does not witness deterioration in the performance under peak loads.

Major challenge in performance testing on mobile devices involves prioritizing mobiles, browsers, 以及需要执行测试的平台. Testing on widely used devices helps in ensuring that the performance of the app (or site) is retained under heavy loads.



数据库是任何电子商务网站的关键要素之一. 你的客户信息, order information, inventory information, 而其他这样有用的数据则存储在数据库中. 除了数据库之外,服务器也应该以最优的方式加以利用.

服务器宕机可能对电子商务业务产生巨大的影响. Performance testing of e-commerce application monitors all the essential components of the website (or application). 数据库、负载均衡器、服务器、网站前端等. 必须定期监控吗. Load tests and stress tests are instrumental in mimicking the load on the server; thereby ensuring that the site performance is on par even when there is actual load on the server.

Mobile App Testing


A number of performance testing tools are available in the market that comprise of licensed as well as open-source tools. Apache JMeter、blazmeter、Load Impact、Rationale Performance Tester等. 是否有一些广泛使用的性能测试工具.

You should choose the best-suited tool that fits the needs of testing your e-commerce website (or app). Performance testing of e-commerce website (using any of the above tools) helps in testing a number of facets like user behavior, user engagement, 站点上的用户并发性, etc. 这可以决定网站行为的好坏.

性能测试,比如峰值测试, load test, endurance test, 而隔离测试则确保了关键页面(如.g. 付款页面,库存清单页面等.) of the website do not falter on performance, even when there is heavy traffic on the site.

Automation Testing

Memory leaks, website slowness, and many such issues can come when e-commerce website is continuously accessed by a large proportion of users. 进行耐力测试可以让您提前发现这些问题, 从而确保内存泄漏, system crashes, etc. 在早期就被发现了吗.

This in turn helps in building a top-notch performing e-commerce website (or app) for your users. Partnering with a 性能测试服务公司 比如KiwiQA可以加速你的性能测试过程. 因为KiwiQA在许多性能测试工具方面拥有专业知识, their team can help choose the best-suited tool for testing your e-commerce website.

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Ecommerce is a highly competitive market since users always have the option to switch to your competitor when they witness issues with your website. 以及对现场的初步测试, it is essential to run performance tests to ensure that the website performance does not deteriorate under heavy load.

Stress test, peak load test, endurance test, isolation test, and other types of performance tests can play a vital role in testing the e-commerce website under different load scenarios. Database, servers, and load balancers are the heart of the e-commerce applications (or websites). Performance tests should test these various components to ensure that the performance does not falter when there is an increase of load.

如果您在性能测试方面没有内部资源, 最好与这样的性能测试公司合作 KiwiQA 这有助于大规模测试你的电子商务网站(或应用程序)!

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